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Printing... achieving the best results with bunting & handwavers Our Printed Bunting and handwaving printed flags are printed in either 1, 2, 3 or 4 colour process (providing a full spectrum of available colour), onto various materials (depending on usage) ranging from 170gsm art paper to PVC on some bunting.


All printing is either offset litho or for smaller runs and specialist applications screen print and digital. Special shaped bunting flags and handwavers will require a die cutting form which is utilised to cut the finished pennants out of the sheets... usually the cutter guide will be supplied with artwork but we can help with this on client request.


Our pre-press department is Apple Mac based and running CS3 Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat/PDF etc. We can usually work with most customer files but please be aware of image quality (good quality printed bunting requires good quality artwork).... Hi Res PDF or similar... 300dpi at finished size (100%) is preferred.


Please make sure that bleed is added to all bunting and handwaver / Handwaving flag artwork where the printing/imagery bleeds off of the edge of pennant.... also remember that the pennant is sewn into webbing which covers the top 10mm (allow some space for this... i.e. do not position your design at the very top of the pennant).


The most popular bunting size is 300mm high x 200mm wide, triangular or rectangular although as previously mentioned we can produce any shape or size within reason.


If in doubt call us and we will guide you towards the perfect solution.


For more information on supplying bunting or handwaver artwork please see our Artwork Guide and also Terms of trade sections

Please call our sales team for further information and advice... with bunting and flags...anything is possible!



FLAG DESIGN - Getting your flag's message across with maximum impact


The Key to effective design on your flag / flags


Organization is really the mainstay of effective Handwaving flag design. First, you need to know what point you're flags are trying to make. If you don't know the main theme you want to get across, you'll be designing flag layouts forever trying to get where you want to go by trial and error.


Try to sum up your main point on the flags with a few brief words, or at least one sentence. Then build the basis of your entire design, including and sub point you want to make, in the same way you organize the points you want to cover in a presentation or a group discussion.


Remember also that "effective flags are simple flags!"


Think of a good handwaving flags / flag design as a great piece of artwork, expressive and able to relate a little bit to almost everyone. That's where your main point helps your focus. Then, add in all the little sub points you also want to make, and work them in according to their order of importance. Remember, not everyone will pick up everything you put in the flags design. So keep the points simple, cover just a few things, and cover them in the order of most importance.


Like art, a good design is very detail oriented, but just like an exceptional piece of art, an exceptional flag design only puts in exactly what it needs and nothing more. Intricate detail is always important, just remember that good detail adds to the overall effect, it never takes away from it. If you have too many detailson the flags, the reader doesn't know where to look first. A good handwaving flag design helps the reader to focus and understand what you're telling them. If you're not sure that a point should be made, it probably shouldn't.


When you keep your flags design simple, and follow a few basic rules, you'll increase your reader's ability to follow what you're saying 100%.

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